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1-- KEEP PETS INDOORS ALL NIGHT. (Give dogs plenty of exercise during the day & a chance to go potty before dark when fireworks start. Then keep your dogs & CATS inside all night long.)
2-- GIVE PETS THEIR SAFE HIDING PLACES. (Provide bedding/blankets in a room or crate where your pets feel secure & can hide. And don’t admonish your pets for being scared.)
3-- DROWN OUT LOUD NOISES. (Turn on the TV, or a play the radio or a CD with comforting music to muffle outside fireworks' sounds.)
4-- REDUCE LIGHT FLASHES PETS CAN SEE. (Turn on your inside house lights & keep curtains or blinds closed to reduce outside fireworks' flashes which can startle your pets.)
5-- UPDATE PET TAGS & ID’s. (Make sure pets are either micro-chipped or wearing updated tags just in case they get out & run away. (July 4–6 is the busiest period of the year for USA Animal Shelters due to lost pets because of Independence Day fireworks.)
6-- EVERYONE KEEP CALM! (If YOU stay calm & ignore any crazy fireworks' sounds or lights, your pets will more likely be reassured & feel the same. Plus wearing a “ThunderShirt” may comfort your pet. Aromatherapy plug-ins or diffusers with calming scents may also help reduce pet anxiety.

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