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About Me - Crazy Aunt Karen


Welcome everyone!  For over 25 years, I've been known to my nieces and nephews as "Crazy Aunt Karen". And even before that, my Dad once told me: Karen-- you'll never be "normal"! He truly meant that as a compliment, and to this day, I understood what he said and cherish that memory!

My nephew Matt is the one who encouraged me to just be myself and name my website "Crazy Aunt Karen's"! When I was researching this, I found that the infamous reality celebrity Kim K. also has a notorious Crazy Aunt Karen, who is her mother Kris J.'s sister! I loved the family relationship synchronicity!

I live in Fairlawn, Ohio, USA with my husband Phil and 6 beloved rescue cats, aged 20 to 7 years old: Katerina, Michelangelo (aka "Mick"), Angelica, Mozart (aka "BigBoy"), Beethoven and Missy.

My younger sister Cheryl loves dogs and has a Shar-pei mix; before that there was another "Lucky" mutt dog plus several Dobermans! My youngest sister Linda loves her 7 horses (both Morgans and Arabians), her 11 cats (all rescues, like mine), and even 2 remaining wild bunnies that she's kept alive for over 6 years! 

My niece Susann's family includes their Chocolate Lab dog and a Maine Coon cat, along with 2 very busy sons in youth sports! And my younger niece Sara is recently married, and a nurse with 2 baby daughters plus 2 Rottweilers and a Husky dog! We're a very close family and are all animal-lovers!

My newest adventure is to help others find crazy special gifts not offered in retail stores-- since it’s always fun to give unique things to your family and friends (as well as to yourself!)

So hopefully you'll find something that speaks to one of their passions (or yours)? Like me, this store is a work-in-progress, so I will be adding other "always awesome gifts" that I've researched and hand-picked at in the near future.

Since is extremely doubtful you'll find any of these items in the bricks-and-mortar stores, you'll know that what you're purchasing for yourself or to gift others will be unique and very special. Please enjoy shopping here!

Blessings and Light Always,

"Crazy Aunt" KAREN - Fairlawn, Ohio, USA