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About Me - Crazy Aunt Karen



Welcome everyone!  For over 25 years, I've been known to my nieces & nephews as "Crazy Aunt Karen". And even before that, my Dad once told me: “Karen-- you'll never be "normal"! He meant it as a compliment, and to this day, I understood & cherish that memory!

My entrepreneurial nephew Matt encouraged me to just be myself and name my website "Crazy Aunt Karen's"! When I was researching this, I found that the infamous reality celebrity Kim K. also has a notorious Crazy Aunt Karen, who is her mother Kris J.'s sister! I loved the family relationship synchronicity!

MY FAMILY (Humans & Pets):

I live in Fairlawn, Ohio with my husband Phil and 5 beloved rescue cats, aged 15 years to 2 years old: Angelica, Mozart (aka "BigBoy"), Beethoven, Missy and our new rescue kitty DaVinci (aka "Vinnie"). My senior rescue Michelangelo (aka "Mick") died at age 16 on January 10, 2018; but we only had him for 7.5 years. My oldest Katerina cat died on August 1, 2017 after we shared 20.5 years together.

My younger sister Cheryl has always been a dog person (we grew up with Dobermans!) My youngest sister Linda loves her 6 horses (Morgans & Arabians), her 10 cats & senior Chocolate Lab, plus 1 surviving wild bunny! 

My niece Susann's family includes 2 cats & 2 German Shepherds, along with 2 very busy sons in teen sports! And my youngest niece Sara is a nurse with 3 daughters under 7 years old, plus 2 Rottweilers & a Husky! We're a very close family and are all animal-lovers!

ALWAYS AWESOME GIFTS (Not Found in Retail):

Founded in Fall 2016, my new adventure began to help others find crazy special gifts not offered in retail stores-- since it’s always fun to gift unique things to your family & friends (as well as yourself!)

So hopefully you'll find something that speaks to one of their passions (or yours)? Like me, this store is a work-in-progress, so I will be adding other "always awesome gifts" that I've researched & hand-picked to offer my customers.


Since it’s extremely inlikely you'll find any of these items in bricks-and-mortar stores, you'll know what you're purchasing for yourself or to gift others will be AWESOME, UNIQUE & VERY SPECIAL. Please enjoy shopping here! I want you to be a crazy happy customer!

Blessings and Light Always,

"Crazy Aunt" KAREN - Fairlawn, Ohio, USA 

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